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Pat Flanagan Award

The Pat Flanagan Award was names after Pat Flanagan.


The Pat Flanagan Award is given annually by the State Association to an Associate Member. The award was established in 1964 and is based on the Associate Member's assistance to operators and their contribution to the Operators Association. Specifically the criteria is based on: 

  • Assistance of Operators in training, maintenance and/or repairs of water or wastewater facilities 
  • Assisting in Regional or Annual meetings or short schools
  • Providing technical information and service to operators
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Pat Flanagan Award Winners

  • 2016-Patrick Allman
  • 2015-Ric Romanoff
  • 2014-Vaughn Harshman
  • 2013-Larry Johnson, Region 2 JEA
  • 2012-Walt Smyser, Region 7
  • 2011-Thomas King Region 3
  • 2010-Michael Caputi, Epoxytech International
  • 2009-Bill Lazenby, Lazenby & Associates
  • 2008-Chuck Howard, C&C Electric
  • 2007-Ken Wager, The Wager Company
  • 2006-Ron Kulik
  • 2005-Blue Planet Environmental
  • 2004-No Award Given
  • 2003-Ron Cartwright
  • 2002-Juan Citarella
  • 2001-Larry Ruffin
  • 2000-Marge Farrell
  • 1999-No Award Given
  • 1998-Fred Nugent
  • 1997-No Award Given
  • 1996-Joe Habraken
  • 1995-Fred Hill
  • 1994-Dave Rotar
  • 1993-David Sloan
  • 1992-Roy Pelletier
  • 1992-Rick Culberson DECEASED
  • 1990-Curtis Smith
  • 1989-Ron Kulick
  • 1988-Hugh Pearch
  • 1987-William Miller
  • 1986-Patricia Robinson
  • 1985-Robert Schilling DECEASED
  • 1984-Wally Zentner
  • 1983-W. C. (Bill) Lott
  • 1982-Alac G. Symons
  • 1981-John Dacy
  • 1980-Tom Mueller
  • 1979-J. Edward Singley
  • 1978-Nicholas Mastro, Region10
  • 1977-Robert G. Sinn
  • 1976-Alvin W. Klutts
  • 1975-Ralph H. Baker, Jr. DECEASED
  • 1974-Mac Grossman
  • 1973-Charles L. Meyer
  • 1972-Lou Branding
  • 1971-Gordon W. Folke DECEASED
  • 1970-Ralph L. Metcalf
  • 1969-Bob Surloff DECEASED
  • 1968-Wilson T. Calaway DECEASED
  • 1967-M. Emory Dawkins DECEASED
  • 1966-J. R. (Bob) Hoy
  • 1965-Ellis K. Phelps DECEASED
  • 1964-George T. Lohmeyer DECEASED